Thursday, January 20, 2011



hile the Ikea plant might not like the cooler temperatures of our new apartment, it’s comrade the shamrock is in heaven.

I received the shamrock as an apology gift from a friend after she dumped a large cup of hot beverage all over me at work. I’d never seen a shamrock before, but when I got it, it was just a bunch of green leaves. Pretty, but nothing especially pretty. I didn’t have high hopes for it. A few weeks later it exploded in tiny white flowers. The flowers just kept coming, but it required a lot of water in the high heat of the old apartment. The plant didn’t grow much, but seemed healthy enough.

The sunshine and chill of the new apartment has the shamrock in its element. If ever a plant looked happy, this is it. And as a newer Bostonian I feel I’ve done my part on St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate the Irish influence in my adopted hometown.

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