Saturday, June 4, 2011


At the end of May, J and I got the opportunity to visit the offices and studio of America's Test Kitchen to watch a taping. We're HUGE fans of the show and had previously been to a book signing, so this seemed like the obvious next step. Luckily, their offices are T accessible - ah the joys of not owning a car. (The T is Boston's metro service.)
We were hoping they'd be cooking something delicious, but the day we visited they were taping the science segments. It was still interesting to see how the show is made though.

We also got an informal tour of the kitchens. It's all so organized - YAY!
And the kitchen. It's a LOT smaller than it looks like on tv.
There's Chris Kimball.
And Erin and some of the test chefs. There's a lot of people that work on recipes all day every day to be able to come up with recipes for two different shows, two different magazines, and a host of cookbooks. How do I get that job?
It wasn't what we'd expected, but it was still a great time. If you aren't familiar with the show, check it out here - you can watch episodes for free I think. And check PBS for listings. It really is a great show if you have any interest in cooking/baking.

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  1. Awesome! I love that show. I don't have cable television, so I watch a lot of PBS.