Friday, June 3, 2011


When I first started out with the container garden, J was very upset that potatoes did not seem to be in his future. As a good midwestern boy, he loves him some potatoes and since moving to Boston and discovering Russo's, he's made it his mission to try every variety under the sun - and there are LOTS.

So you can imagine how excited he was when I read Stuckey and McGee's book and found a way to grow potatoes! Then again, that raised the problem of which type.

But he eventually settled on All Blues, and we placed the order and waited. In April we received a small paper bag of starter potatoes. We followed directions and put them in an egg carton and sprayed with a mix of water and liquid seaweed and let them sit.

When they sprouted long eyes we got out the trash can... Essentially this method consists of planting your seed potatoes near the bottom of the can and then filling it up over the plants as they grow. Since the potatoes aren't actually the roots, they're tubers, they grow off of shoots off the stem so you want to cover as much stem as possible to get more potatoes.

So far it's going really well! Our potatoes have really taken off - I had no idea they would grow so fast. It seems like every 4 days or so we have to go out and add more soil to the can. The photo below is a bit old, but as of today they're above the rim of the can. I'm not sure how much more soil we can add!
Can't wait for delicious potatoes from our own garden! And the plants are so pretty. I hope the flowers will be too.


  1. awesome! I thought about doing potatoes this year and chickened out - depending on your success maybe I'll take the dive next season

  2. Nice idea. Good luck. I have mine planted in hay and they are just starting to come up now. I am hoping it works as I don't have a lot of room for them in my garden.

  3. Two things to note- make sure you have good drainage- I had a beautiful bucket of potato plants last year that suddenly turned yellow and croaked- turns out the roots had gotten soggy and rotted from the bottom up. I ended up with 3 potatoes.

    The other thing is don't wait too long to top up the soil- stems exposed to light/air for more than 3 days won't produce shoots, so no potatoes, just really long stems.

  4. That reminds me that I need to hill-up my potatoes.

  5. CallieK - Thanks, I didn't know that about the waiting time. I guess I'll go home and top it off tonight!

  6. Looks good. Do you need holes in the bottom of the trash can? I am planning to grow some next year and trash can is a great idea