Thursday, June 2, 2011


What was that weather last night?! Luckily Boston didn't get any of the tornadoes that central Massachusetts saw, but I've never seen lightning like that before. There were the usual big bolts and cracks of thunder - some closer and louder than I've ever heard before, but the freaky part was the sky. It was constantly lit up with between-cloud lightning. Seriously, it was ALWAYS lit up. It felt like something out of a bad SyFy tv movie about weather.

But in other news, it's June! I always associate June with strawberries, so I'm really hoping my plants will give me some fruit. It's only their first year, so I won't be totally surprised if they don't though.

A million years ago (or so it seems) when we went to the greenhouse supply store I saw this container, and it looked like a good one for strawberries.
I've filled all three layers with strawberries, but with lavender in the center on top. So far they seem to like it. There's lots of new growth on the seedlings I bought.
And even a few blooms! I also started some from seed and I put them in the top layer to get some extra sun, but they're still pretty small. For some reason I didn't take any photos of those. I'll have to do that this weekend.I know strawberries are a popular fruit, does anyone have a favorite variety?


  1. We had the same weather here on the South Shore of Nova Scotia...I believe you...constant light and boom...kinda scary.

    Sadly, when I bought our strawberry plants it was end of season and the varieties were all mixed up, but some are ever bearing and others not. Hope we get some before the critters eat them all. Note to GB..get net mesh. Enjoy yours!

  2. What cultivar did you buy? I'm growing Honeoeye.

  3. I started ones from seed that died in a windstorm so I bought a plant from the garden centre called "Fragoo" and I'm thinking about picking up some wild alpine strawberry plants