Sunday, June 12, 2011


So I'm a little behind on getting photos up, so I thought Sunday would be a good day to put up random photos.

The potatoes are still taking off like rockets! You can see a hint of purple in the leaves. I wonder if the flowers will be purple too.Our Ruby Chard is so pretty! That color is amazing - especially when the sun hits it in the evening.
J is wicked excited about all the peas on our plants.
And the passionfruit has been put outside and really seems to love the sun. The leaves got a lot darker.
And two weekends ago, we undertook our first adventure in canning - strawberry jam. It turned out pretty well, but I don't have many photos. Since it was our first time trying, it was mostly us running around and reading the instructions and making sure the jam didn't boil over (note to self: use a bigger pot next time).

Now we've got a boatload of strawberry jam. So if you're friends or family let us know if you want some and we'll mail it out!

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  1. Nice pictures. Yes you need a deep pan when making jam but it is so good. I make the less sugar jam but to me it is better than the regular recipe as I don't like things real sweet. Nice pressure canner. Looks like mine. I just hot water bath the jam however.