Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kale Harvest

I apologize for my extended break from blogging. Last weekend I flew to Ohio to surprise my dad for his birthday! It was a great weekend, but I got back mid-morning on Monday and it was a crazy week at work since one of my co-workers was out so I was doing two people's jobs and the board of trustees was in and I had class two different nights. So I've been playing catch-up all week and now that the weekend is here I'm actually starting to make some headway.We harvested some of our kale forest and had a delicious side dish. J moved a little faster than i thought and had hacked off the whole thing instead of just cutting the outer leaves. We won't get any substantial grow back, but that's probably ok, since we'll be searching for recipes to eat this all. I went to pull the stem out so we could reuse the pot and soil, but then this happened!
I guess it got a little root bound in that small container, which makes me wonder what it would have done in the ground!! I've never grown kale before, but this stuff was already huge!We harvested in the morning (right after my run, hence the awesome outfit and huge Garmin on my wrist) because it's starting to get warm here and by late afternoon the kale looks sad. Since we weren't eating it right away it was brought to the kitchen...Then ripped into smaller pieces and cleaned in the salad spinner.
All ready for dinner! Nice to finally be harvesting things!


  1. Enjoy your kale forest! :) Have you found any good recipes yet?

  2. It probably would have grown back if you hadn't pulled it. In your photo, I can see tiny leaves already growing in the "elbow" of the cut leaves. The root growth is impressive!

  3. i had no idea kale grew such an extensive root system! have you ever eaten dehydrated kale chips? that's my favorite thing to do with kale--i blend tomato, onion, garlic, jalapeno and nutritional yeast for a spicy, cheese-ish coating, toss the leaves in the mixture then lay them out in a dehydrator until nice and crispy. they're like super-healthy potato chips.