Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cold Weather Plants

There are a few things I planted quite a while ago, but I don't think I've mentioned them here since. All the cold weather plants are loving the cool Spring we're having. At least something likes it.
My kale is finally starting to take off. I think I transplanted it too soon from the seedling tray, and I think I was keeping it too warm at first. It didn't look like it was going to make it for a while, but it's pulled through and seems to be enjoying the greenhouse. I keep the door of the greenhouse open all the time, unless we have a frost warning, so it gets the cool temperatures at night and doesn't get overheated during the day.
The peas are really slow growing. I guess I expected they'd be larger now. How long after sowing should they start flowering? According to my records, these peas were planted 1/22 and sprouted 1/27, but they still seem tiny for being 3 months old, no? I've also added a few more seeds in to keep them going - yay succession planting. One round of seeds on 3/11 and another round last weekend, so I'm hoping they'll do better. The second and third set also got inoculant, so hopefully that will help.
Spinach and carrots are still small, but growing strong. Can't wait for a delicious salad! And speaking of salad, my very sad looking outdoor lettuce is looking decidedly less sad lately. It might even be ready for eating soon. Sorry there's no photo of that.


  1. Growing great! Peas like lime and they like it cool, just like your Kale and as they say, can be planted outside as soon as one can work the soil as they are very hardy.

  2. my edibles are going nearly nowhere. hurry up spring!

  3. i just looked back on photos of my peas from last year to try to help answer your question. it looks like mine sprouted the first week of april and were blooming by mid-may. i wonder if yours maybe got too much nitrogen from those fertilizer spikes? the little tendrils look really bunchy and tangly, that doesn't seem quite right.