Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Now that we're supposedly past the last frost date (though we've had two frost warnings since, but I haven't seen any) I've started hardening off my seedlings. This is an important step, according to all the books and blogs I've read, so that they don't all just die when you put them in the ground - or in my case, in pots.
It's a bit like training for a running race I guess. You start with low mileage - in this case mileage is time outdoors - and work your way up to the full distance.
So far I've put them outside for just a few hours at a time, and only on days that are nice. I don't want them getting rained on quite yet. This past weekend offered two glorious days, so the seedlings took a field trip outside. Friday they sat on the porch, but Sunday they stayed in the greenhouse. It was windy and they were getting blown over. The greenhouse door was open, so they got some breeze, but not the full force.
I'm hoping they'll be hardened off and ready to plant in their final containers outside in about two weeks. However, the weather forecast calls for rain the next 8 days (oh joy) so we'll see how that goes.
Anyone else hardening off seedlings?


  1. Whoops... I totally forgot this step! I will definitely remember for the next set of seedlings. :)

  2. I'm hardening off some plants that I got out of the greenhouses at work, but not any of my vegetables yet. I suppose I could start hardening off my brassicas and greens soon.

  3. yes...i ended up forgetting about them as i was mowing. i think they ended up staying out about 5 hours on their first trip. lost about a quarter of my tomato seedlings.

  4. I hardened all of mine off over about 1 - 1.5 weeks and they have all done very well. I'm in Austin, TX though so we've already had days over 90 degrees! Best of luck!