Friday, April 22, 2011

More than a plant nerd

So if you only know me from this blog, it's become fairly apparent that I'm a huge plant nerd. In addition to an addiction to plants, for which I am not seeking treatment, I've started to get into some of the science of it - and I'm not usually a science person.
But there are other nerdy parts of me. The nerdy runner part. For full disclosure, I may be a running nerd, but I'm not a fast running nerd. It would not be an unreasonable goal for me to try to not come in last. Part of this slowness is because I'm 5'10'' and a bit overweight and I'm not ever going to run as fast as the 5'4'' girl who's 90 pounds soaking wet. The other part of the slowness is intentional. If I was ever in first place, I might get lost. I might make all those people behind me feel bad about themselves. I might miss some beautiful scenery. I might not make the friends I have running. So I'm slow. But the people that move fast are amazing.
One of the coolest things about moving to Boston is the Boston Marathon. It falls on a state holiday called Patriots' Day that commemorates the Battles of Lexington and Concord and the start of the American Revolution. (Seriously, Bostonians think all other Americans should routinely thank them for starting the Revolution and creating America.) Most people in the state don't get the day off of work, but in Boston, the marathon course makes it truly impossible to get anywhere so it's a holiday.
It's my favorite holiday. I woke up early. I was giddy. I had a stupid smile plastered on my face. And that's because this year I got to volunteer at the mile 21 water stop. Mile 21 is at the top of Heartbreak Hill and is, therefore, a very popular water stop. I got there at 9am to help set up the tables and fill hundreds of cups with water and Gatorade. First came the disabled athletes. Nothing makes you feel like a lazy ass hole like someone with no legs running a marathon on prosthetics. Then the elite runners came flying past. 21 miles into the race they're still running faster than my version of a sprint. Impressive. And then came the average-joes. Though I guess they aren't so average since they're running a marathon.
I spent the next 5 hours handing paper cups of water to grateful runners. The crowd was cheering and the runners just kept coming and coming and coming. I was just standing there and it was the biggest adrenaline rush EVER.
Seriously... you should come to Boston just for the marathon. Best. Day. Ever!


  1. Your probably even nerdier running sisterApril 22, 2011 at 3:43 PM

    And you got a picture of RYAN HALL!!! So cool!

  2. that really sounds like fun! i like your reasons for intentional slowness.