Monday, May 9, 2011

Apple Issues

I came home on Friday and went out to look at all my plants and found a very unwelcome visitor!

Does anyone know what this is and how to get rid of it? So far I've just been pulling any worm I see off the plant and then disposing of it in a method that is far more violent than it probably needs to be.

I've read that spraying plants with a soap water solution will help, and that you can add cayenne pepper and/or garlic. Has anyone tried that?

Other than the "guests" the apple looks really good I think!


  1. don't pests make you insane? I wish so many unholy things upon the squirrels that are always digging at my containers
    the 3 methods you suggested are what I would try first - or something called neem oil, which I've never used

    good luck!

  2. People who grow apples in orchards usually apply a mix of dormant oil and lime in spring to protect their trees. However, I would think in your case, the soap and water solution will likely work; apply on an overcast day in the right ratio or your baby leaves will burn. Hope that helps..don't get discouraged..there will always be bugs.

  3. Insecticidal soap may help, but I believe what you've got there is a member of the caterpillar family - a leaf roller... blech!

    There is a biological spray you can use called BT (or bacillus thuringiensis). It's a microorganism that's toxic to species of caterpillars. I'd talk to your local garden center and read some labels, as there are species-specific solutions.

    Of course, that said, since your tree is small, you could also just try manual removal... pick those suckers off and drop 'em in a bucket of soapy water! I hope that's helpful. Good luck!