Friday, May 6, 2011


So I work full time in higher ed and I'm a part time graduate student so the last week of classes is pure insanity for me. Not only does the office get busy this time of year with commencement and retiring faculty receptions and graduating student receptions and honors banquets and did I mention the fiscal year ends 5/31? So yeah, this past week has been CRAZY at work. Not to mention I had a final exam on Wednesday and another coming up on Monday.

That's a long way of saying no post today. I am headed to a "Garden Party" this afternoon here on campus. It won't be as cool as my garden. I bet they'll only have flowers and no edibles. But they probably will have champagne. Hmmm... that might make it better than my garden.

Have a great weekend!! It's supposed to rain here, but that means I don't have to carry heavy watering cans out to my porch, so that's fine with me!

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