Friday, May 27, 2011

Guess the Leaf

Last week I put up a post and had you guess the plant by its flower. In all honesty, they were pretty easy. Last weekend (seriously, where has this week gone!?) I was out in the garden and noticed how pretty the leaves of a lot of my plants are.
So let's try another guessing game. Guess the plant by its leaves! I'll post the answers tomorrow.

The past few days here have been hot. Not just warm, but hot! I don't think my cool weather plants, like yesterday's kale, are loving it. But that just means now I get to eat them before it gets too hot and they bolt. Where did that term come from anyway? It seems so odd.

Lots of plans for the weekend. The place I work closes at 3pm on Fridays in the summer, and that starts this week and we have Monday off for Memorial Day... though I like to think we get the day off to honor my birthday, which is Sunday.

My garden is mostly planted for the year, but I promise to get some good photos of it. It's difficult because the deck is only so big and there's no place to stand and get a photo that isn't covered with a container filled with vegetables, or fruit.

I'll also attempt to get a photo of the garden I created here at work too!

Anyone have fun plans for the holiday weekend?


  1. 1) Cucumber
    2) Basil
    3) Strawberry
    4) Kale
    5) Swiss Chard

    I'm the least sure about #1

  2. Yup...I'm with GZe Same thoughts..although me too a bit unsure about number one..but the new leaf looks like cucumber. Oh instead of number 4 Kale..maybe a burgundy broccoli...but I know you are growing Kale )))). So maybe that's it.