Thursday, May 12, 2011

Plot of Land

Thanks for all the enthusiasm about the "plot of land" my landlord offered. I wish I was as enthusiastic as you. I may have oversold it in my last post.

It's about a 1' by 6'' piece of land shoved between two multi-story houses and a garage. I've been watching it the past few days at different times of day and the best sun situation is around noon when it gets the reflection off the neighboring house, which is technically just a reflection off the window of our house.

It's also interesting because further toward the street on this strip of land there's lots of hostas that seem to do pretty well, but they have quite a bit more sunshine.

Here's a photo. I didn't have time to take one, so this is from Google Earth. It must be from before we moved in, but there's plants on the deck, so the tenants before us must have gardened too! Do you see that tiny, very faint red circle I drew on the photo? Kind of in the dead center of the photo? Yeah, that's the "plot of land" he was so kind to offer.

And this gives you a better idea of how big our deck is. Ok, so deck might be stretching it. It's a glorified balcony. But we plan on filling it to the brim. :)

I'm hoping to take some more photos soon. It's been rather cool and rainy here. Not great for gardening and not great for working on my final exam - the rain just makes me sleepy.

Hope the weather is better for you all!


  1. Oh my I see your problem. Not too sure what might grow there. Maybe some onion sets or something might make it there. They would be slow but would at least get some green onions for your salads.

  2. Don't know what would grow there...but perhaps the landlord might allow you to remove the front bit of grass behind the hedge to plant there? Or at the very least, allow you to put some large pots there with your fruit trees and maybe some tomato plants.

  3. Hmmm... rhubarb? Mixed greens? Maybe some garlic? Good luck on your exam!

  4. I wish we could tear out the hostas, but he made it quite clear that wasn't an option. And I would leave large pots out, but there's several scavengers (for lack of a better term) in our neighborhood that would probably try to make off with it, or at least take all the fruit off before I could. I think we're going to have to stick with the deck.

  5. if you have interest in something decorative there are shade hardy foliage and flowers you could plant, but I don't anything edible would thrive, that typically requires more sun
    sun... it's been beautiful in Toronto for most of this week but I've been stuck inside a cold, windowless studio :(