Thursday, May 19, 2011


Look at these stamps from the US Postal Service!
They're a little bigger than normal stamps, but I couldn't pass them up.
How many things on the "list" do you do?
I try to do all of them, but I do have a really leaky bathroom sink, and some of them I have to do because I don't own a car. It's not really a conscious choice (Have you seen how much parking and car insurance are in Boston?! I almost passed out!) as much as a necessity, but I figure I'm helping to offset the carbon footprint I'll one day create when I do own a car.


  1. Are those real stamps or are they novelty stamps?

  2. They're real stamps! I don't have enough money to buy novelty ones. They're even the forever stamps so they'll be good... well, forever.

  3. These are awesome! Hope they still have some at my post office.