Monday, May 23, 2011


Way back in February I bought an elephant ear bulb and put it in a pot in the living room. For months it just sat. There was absolutely no action going on that I could see. About two weeks ago I had given it all up as a lost cause, so I dug up the bulb. To my shock there was quite a bit of root structure!

I'm not sure if the plant was angered by my uprooting of it, or if it was indignant in my lack of faith, but about 6 days after my attempted planticide, it started growing. And now it's really going good!These leaves are tiny compared to what I'm expecting out of it, but they're very pretty! I'm hoping to get lots of growth out of it so that it will fill the pot.

Does anyone else have an elephant ear plant?


  1. i had one but my stepson kept weed-eating it and now i don't even remember where it was planted exactly. love them though...good luck.

  2. yup, bought a taro/eddoe bulb at the indian grocery store for about 40 cents. mine has little leaf buds on it, I expect an actual leaf pretty soon!
    my alocasia "amazonica" is in the same elephant ear family - i've heard they can be really fussy, but mine has thrived with relatively little effort on my part