Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Even more fruit!

Our apartment is quickly becoming a fruit tree orchard, but that hasn't stopped me from adding to the collection.

The newest additions include a lime, a pineapple, a passion fruit, and an apple. Who knew that limes were thorny? I pulled the lime tree out of its box and stabbed myself!

The passion fruit showed up and looked pretty pathetic, but it's really started to take off! It grows by the hour and sends off shoots that cling to everything and make the cutest curly-q's.

The pineapple was similar to the passion fruit, showing up looking sad, but it's throwing off a few new leaves.

And the apple seems to be thriving on the porch and has lots of new leaves.

All of these are in 12'' pots with regular potting soil and are being watered regularly and I have some fertilizer on the way.

Oh, and the banana plant is putting out new leaves too. We should be making fruit salad soon! :)


  1. your harvest mondays this summer will be incredible!

  2. Woman! your my hero! I somehow surfed onto your blog and I am so glad I did. I just recently retired because of a chronic illness. Years ago I would have some sort of garden, mostly flowers and a few veggies. But I have had a series of moves and what nots so it's been awhile that I have my hands in the soil, so it's been one of those plans....when I retire... Well now that I am retired I have been planning my garden but quickly realizing because of my illness that what I have planned is really out of realm of abilities. I have been a little down about it, but after seeing all your post and pics you have given me hope. I never even considered doing trees, and why not I am asking myself now. You have given me ideas. I do have some tomatoes, squash, and some other veggies starting in cups under a light in the garage. It is still too cold at night for them to be outside yet. I live in Arizona, your saying HUH? too cold?? Well I live in the mountains of AZ, yes there are mountains, and our nights are in the high 30 - 40's still. To keep myself sane lately I have been obsessed with my sweet potato vine I started growning idoors. Check out my blog for the whole story, but if you haven't tried one of these is it so easy. I found out the variety of sweet potato I started is not the best for eating so I am doing and indoor vine and will putting one outside as a hanging pot vine. I can't wait to follow you along and see how your garden comes out. You are very organized as to what you will actually use. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Fun! I would love to have more fruit!