Sunday, March 6, 2011

Indoor Update

I thought I'd give you an update on the houseplants. I've been focusing a lot on preparations for the garden, but I still haven't forgotten my indoor jungle.

I have a large spray bottle and try to spray them daily since the humidity level in the house is really low.

The shamrock is in full bloom. The white flowers are so delicate and pure looking. I wonder if that's what Ireland looks like in the spring?

And the spider plant my mom gave me when I moved to Boston is finally big enough and strong enough to throw off a shoot. I'm hoping to take the shoots and start growing them. There's a huge nursing home down the road and I'm wondering if there's some residents who might like a fairly low-maintenance houseplant.

And in other news my dining room has officially been taken over. It never really stood a chance, but I'm hoping to reclaim it sometime in June. Or at least most of it. The blue worm bin will most likely be a permanent fixture. Though the front sunroom closet might work well in the warmer months...

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