Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weekend Update - Part 1

This past weekend was plantarific in my world. It all started on Friday with an email from Mahoney's, a local garden center. I signed up for their free member points program thingy a while ago, but we don't go that often because it's awkward to get to without a car, and even more awkward to get home carrying bags of soil and plants and anything else that looked good.

The email was advertising orchids on sale. Normally $19.95 this weekend they were only $16.95. And if you were part of the members club they were only $13.95. Ok, sold. Not only am I a HUGE sucker for orchids, I'm also a HUGE sucker for a sale. So combine the two and you've got me hooked. But the deal didn't end there! (Yes, I am aware I sound like someone on tv at 4am selling you crap you don't need, but let's face it, we all need more plants.) In addition to the orchid sale, every purchase got you a free african violet! My great grandmother Mimi was quite the green thumb (and ironically my new adopted grandpa - J's grandpa - is also quite a green thumb) and she had lots of african violets. And my mom has one on the kitchen windowsill in a pretty blue china pot, so I've wanted an african violet for a while.

Saturday, while we were in Mahoney's J saw something that caught his eye. Coming from the man who loves complaining about all of my plants, I thought this was a step in the right direction and should be encouraged. And that's how we became proud owners of Lisbon lemon tree. My sister was appalled at the idea of a tree in our living room (don't let her know what's in the mail on its way to me!), but see - it's not so big.

Then we went to Home Depot to get things for a project I had planned (post forthcoming). And while we were there I made a discovery. Home Depot doesn't exactly ring bells to me as a great place to get plants. In fact, if you'd asked me last week I probably would have recommended you avoid it at all costs, but I've been converted. The selection looked pretty good! Lots of variety, healthy looking plants and a hidden gem. The only one of its kind, tucked away in the back corner was a gardenia. Known for their fragrant white flowers, I've been researching gardenias for about a year. There was even a study done that showed a lessening in the symptoms of depression in those that had a blooming gardenia in the home or office. That's how powerful these flowers are!! It was in ok condition, but needed some TLC, so it came home with us too. Oh, and some strawberry plants since they were on sale and my seedlings aren't doing so well.

That's right. In the process of a two hour car rental I obtained 1 orchid, 1 african violet, 1 lemon tree, 1 gardenia, and 10 strawberry plants. Hi, my name is Dana, and I'm an addict.

Did I mention the Boston Flower and Garden show was on Sunday...?

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  1. I also acquired 2 orchids this weekend at the garden show (teacup sized, so adorable). I passed on the 3 african violets for $8 cuz I had too much to carry.
    Good luck with the lemon tree!
    I've heard both pos & neg comments about home depot plants, I think if you come educated you can get some good deals. However, I don't even know if there is one in Toronto... most likely out of the downtown core, also making it hard for someone carless such as myself.