Friday, March 18, 2011

Mushrooms... maybe

A while ago I saw this neat product on another blog and I wanted to check it out. I really love seeing what other people are doing - there's so many great garden blogs out there to gain inspiration from!

It uses recycled cardboard to make the box and then the growing medium is recycled coffee grounds.

Supposedly you just open it, cut the X and then spray lightly with water and in 10 days you'll have mushrooms.

I'm on day 7 and have nothing...


  1. how much did you pay for this kit?

  2. Don't worry yet. The instructions say "in as little as 10 days", which means it could actually take several weeks.

  3. I wonder if after cutting the cross in the plastic, you must peel the plastic back? Have never seen this product but am very interested in it. I too would like to know how much it cost.

  4. I paid under $20 (it costs $20 but I had a coupon) and have been in contact with the company to ask if I'm doing something incorrectly. Most of the other bloggers I saw had at least something in a week, but I know I'm impatient.
    I've tried peeling the plastic back a bit to make sure to really get it wet when I spray, but not having much luck.
    I'll keep you posted.

  5. it took a while for mine to start going. about two weeks, i think. and then the second batch took a really really long time--about a month. however, i just harvested some the other day, and it had started a third batch before i even harvested the last one.

  6. Now, if I like mushrooms, I would definately need one of these. Much more convenient that drilling holes in logs, placing the plugs in.... and what not! Best of luck!