Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Seeds

So I put an order in on Ebay not too long ago for some seeds to add to my indoor plant collection.

And the winners were, cacti and tangerines. I'm saving the cacti for later, until I have a better setup, but the tangerine seeds are getting sown soon!
I gave 3 of the seeds a good soak and a shot glass seemed to be the perfect vessel to soak the seeds in.

This is the most action a shot glass has seen in my house in years. It probably enjoyed being taken out of the back of the cupboard for a change. After an overnight soak they went into the seed tray under the light. I'll keep you updated on the sprouts!


  1. I hope that goes well for you! I had a grapefruit seedling my neighbor gave me, and I grew it for a few years before I finally let it die outside one winter. I got tired of the 2-inch thorns, and I don't even like grapefruit! Tangerines I like... hopefully they're spike-free. =)

    I've been growing some cactus from seeds and posting about it on my blog too -- you might want to take a look.

  2. I grew cactus from seed a few years ago. It was delightful! They sprout and grow very, very, very slowly but they are cute and fun. Good luck!