Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Type A

I tend to be a little OCD. I love the Container Store's motto that "Life is more fun when you're organized." It's so true. When things are planned I can be a lot calmer and more laid back. Well... as laid back as I can be anyway.

So of course it makes sense that I've been craving a label maker for a while. I'm pretty sure J wouldn't let me get one because he was afraid he'd come home to a house full of labeled items. And I can't say it wouldn't be tempting... but I promised to control myself.

So we bought one. It's so beautiful. Think of the endless possibilities! My pantry will be so organized it will be ridiculous. Everything will have a place on the storage shelves in the sun room. And of course now my garden can be perfectly in order with lovely labels that are so much neater than my handwriting.

I can't wait! I've already attacked the spice rack. Would it be weird if I said that I slept better knowing they were clearly and neatly labeled?


  1. Oh your funny...not weird at all))) I like labels and use the computer for most of mine but one of those gadgets sounds tempting. Nice spice rack.

  2. Ha ha!! As a fellow Type-A"er"....I totally get it! ;)