Tuesday, March 1, 2011


For some extra deliciousness while I wait for the big vegetables - in August, which seems so far away - I decided to try my hand at sprouts. I know there are a few ways to grow them, but I decided to go with the soil method instead of the mason jar method.

We had just had some Florida strawberries (so jealous!) and the plastic tubs seemed perfect. Maybe a little bit deep, but not too bad. And there's lots of drainage along the bottom. I chose to do Adzuki beans and mustard seeds first. This very complicated decision was mostly because that's what Whole Foods had that was organic (non-organic seeds and beans may have been treated with chemicals that will make them un-sproutable and I don't really want to eat a chemical I can't pronounce) and near the checkout. I know, my planning is impeccable.

The beans soaked for about 7 hours and the mustard seeds soaked for about 4 hours to help promote germination. Then I tossed them in and let them go.

Two days later it looked like the earth had exploded!! The sprouts came up so fast it was amazing. And now salads and stir frys and sandwiches have an extra bonus of nutrition and spice!


  1. I'm growing some sprouts right now for my chicks! It's amazing how fast the seeds germinate.

  2. I need to grow some sprouts! That is amazing that they spouted so quickly!! :)

  3. Oooh...this looks awesome! Can you explain what the mason jar method is? Sorry, I'm new to this! Also, is that just seed starting mix that you used?

  4. It is almost weird how fast they germinate. I planted some chamomile on Saturday afternoon and when I got home from work yesterday there were sprouts!

    Jules - The mason jar method uses a jar with a lid, usually just the ring and some cheesecloth. You soak the seeds in the jar and then use the cheesecloth to drain the water and get fresh water. This site gives some decent photos. http://www.bittofraw.com/2010/03/how-to-sprout-jar-method.html
    I can't find the really good one.

    Oh, and it's been brought to my attention that I guess mine are more microgreens and not so much sprouts...