Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Things were going so well indoors that I had a crazy idea.

Since our new apartment has an outdoor patio, what if we put some plants out there? Not right now obviously - since the patio is currently buried under about 4 feet of snow - but in the Spring.

As a kid, we had a garden in the backyard that was just dug into the ground. My dad got ambitious and built raised beds one year, so then we had that. But neither of those systems would work on a patio.

I know flowers and herbs grow well in pots, but I'm greedy and I want vegetables and fruits. Would those grow in pots? Would the pots need to be so huge that it wouldn't be feasible? Can you only grow certain kinds of vegetables? So many questions!

A quick trip to the New England Mobile Book Fair (the best bookstore EVER!) yielded all the answers we needed via Grow Great Grub by Gayla Trail. (She also has a neat website.) This beautiful little book talks about the basics of growing food in small spaces, in the ground and in pots, as well as specifics about how to care for different kinds of food-producing plants and the pot size requirements.

The photos in her book hinted at great harvests and had recipe ideas. Now I'd jumped from looking forward to spring to looking forward to the end of summer! It was time to get started. I'd done my research. I'd conned my boyfriend into agreeing to this insane idea. Next up was buying seeds!!

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