Thursday, February 24, 2011


Before we joined a CSA last year I'd never had kale. Now I'm addicted. Kale chips. Stewed kale. Kale with bacon and garlic. It's so incredibly delicious. And did you know it's one of THE best vegetables for you? So many vitamins and nutrients that keep you healthy and raring to go so you can tend to your ever-growing garden. Yum.

So when I went to plan my first garden kale was first on the list.

And according to my planting calendar it's about time to sow the seeds indoors, so off we go.

Tiny little round seeds. In the seed started mix in the seedling tray. Light on. Cover on. Heat pad on. Grow babies grow!


  1. I'm growing kale for the first time this year. I'm excited too!

  2. I'm growing it as well and it looks amazing! I also had it for the first time with our CSA delivery. It's crazy how many veggies I had never tried that are now favorites of mine. Good luck - ours are growing quickly so I'm sure yours will too!

    Oh, and I just love having my kale, onion and tomatoes all started - I can't wait to put them all on my plate in a big, yummy salad!

  3. I love kale! But I have never grown it from seed before!

    I will definitely have to buy some seeds, especially now that I have a grow light and heating pad! :)