Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sowing Peas

Since the seeds arrived it was time to figure out when I needed to sow them indoors for them to be ready for outdoors. Some seeds can be directly sown outdoors in the pot, but others are needy and want some time inside with a grow light and heat pad.

I'm all about pampering my plants, so I headed to to pick out a grow light and heat lamp. I didn't want anything huge since I'm only growing enough for my patio, and I didn't want a light that would suck electricity like mad - don't need the cops showing up asking why my house is causing a spike in the electrical grid... "Officer, it's just tomatoes and peppers, I swear!"

We also got seed starter mix which is a lot lighter than potting soil so that tiny baby roots aren't suffocated. Yup, plants need air just as much as light and water!

Grow Great Grub had a table in the back to fill out based on the last frost in your area (for Boston it's generally considered to be around April 15th). Then you work backwards on how long the seeds take to germinate indoors, how long it will take them to grow to a good size indoors, and then when they can be put outside.

Most of the plants we're doing this summer can't be outside until after the last frost, so we aren't planting much for a while, but there is one plant that likes the cold. In fact, this plant will stop producing food once it gets too warm. Peas!!

Not surprisingly, pea seeds just look like dehydrated peas. Using the instructions on the back of the seed envelope I planted, watered, turned on the light and the heat pad and put on the top to create a greenhouse effect. It increases the humidity and warmth. Time to let the seeds work their magic.


  1. I just started some seeds indoors this week! However, they are just in the windowsill... and for some reason I keep feeling like I need a special lighting system. Just not sure where I would put it...

    I can't wait to read more of your blog! :)

  2. You should try moistening your seed starting mix before sowing the seeds. It helps keep everything from floating away if you water from above. If you are using bottom water, it should be fine.

    I'm jealous, I can't start any seeds for another month or so! Good luck!

  3. I hear you about the cops showing up. The window that my seed set up is in front of faces our neighbor and I'm convinced that they are going to think we're growing something else now that we have grow lights on 18 hours a day and the windows open for more light during the day.

    Congrats on your set up - it looks nice!!

  4. P.S. I almost didn't click on your blog link because I assumed (from the blog name) that it was a blog about growing marijuana. Haha. I understand the name now that I'm here (and I'm looking forward to more)!

  5. I definitely wasn't think about that when I named the blog. I might have a renaming contest...