Monday, February 14, 2011

5 Days Later

The seed packet days peas take 10-15 days to sprout.

I must have some seriously over-achieving peas.

It's only been five days!


  1. Don't always believe what the seed packet says. I think they must give those numbers as worst case scenarios. Rarely, do my seeds take even half as long as the packet says to germinate.

    It's awesome when you get such quick and satisfying results!

  2. I like this attempt to eat what you grow all in pots or a sunny window. I will be keen to watch the coming season unfold for you. The pea photos were inspiring. Have you got the trellis built? (big smile))))) Am starting my first seeds...leeks, next week.

  3. Lucky! The peas I planted still haven't sprouted yet. Looks like you've got plenty of plants indoors keeping you busy this winter! Sometimes I wish we had winters in L.A. for a little downtime. :)

  4. Did you know that the whole pea plant is edible? Tastes just like peas. You could grow peas in a pot to snip out tendrils, making the plant bushier. The pea snippets are beautiful in a salad. Obviously if you are eating the plant and flowers to be, you are not going to get as many peas. I put in peas late last year, wondering if they would beat the winter. They did not, so I was constantly snipping off the tender new growth to eat. Yum. I will plant extra pea plants this spring to be able to graze.