Friday, February 18, 2011

Memory Lane

A little trip down memory lane for Friday.

My parents recently sent me this when they found it cleaning out their house. It's from a project I did for French class in high school. The translation of my wonderfully advanced French at the time is:

The garden is magnificent in summer. My family works in the garden. We plant tomatoes, corn, potatoes and peppers too. Once, our friend Anne h
elped us. She planted beautiful flowers.

I'm so glad my French improved before I moved there. :)

I was looking at the photo remembering the garden my parents have. Then I really looked at the photo...

The sunflowers look great. And, wait a second, I'm so skinny! I'm so TAN! When was I ever that tan? I'm blonde. I look out a window on a mildly sunny day and get sunburned. How did I manage that? And why am I wearing a bandana on my head? Was that a good look?

Oh memory lane. Maybe I'll get that tan this summer working on my urban container garden! Hmmm... the full time job in an office might interfere with that tan.

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  1. I love how the whole family + Annie is out there except for your gardening-hating sister. I was probably in the house eating or something.