Sunday, February 6, 2011

Worms: Take 2

So the first worms are still alive, but I wanted the better worms. The red wigglers that would eat a pound of food a day and reproduce by the dozen. That would create boatloads of fresh, perfect castings that would make my garden this summer the best on the block. Not that there's a ton of competition on my Boston block, but I'm still competitive.

So this time I did my research. I found a website that provided lots of good information not just about the worms, but about how to vermicompost, how to care for the worms, how to use it - pretty much everything. The reviews were good, I checked several times to make sure they were the right kind of worm and then I placed the order.

The great thing about the internet is that you can buy pretty much anything. The terrible thing about the internet is that then you have to wait to get what you ordered. I'm not very patient. Somehow I muddled through the week and a half it too for them to arrive and I was definitely not disappointed. So many worms! So lively and red! So ready to eat food scraps! YAY!

They were well-packaged with shredded newspaper and a special sack to keep them safe in their journey from Kentucky. I added the newspaper to my worm bin and then opened the sack to see my new friends. I honestly couldn't believe how many there were! I more than got my money's worth this time. And they're the right kind of worm - ready to take my food scraps by storm and start pooing out some plant boosting compost.

It worked out well that J and I were making chili for dinner. We do a vegetarian chili with lots of good veggies. So while I was cutting it all up, I saved the scraps to give to the worms. They already seem acclimated to their new home and are busy at work composting.

I probably won't add any more food scraps this week. I'll take a look Thursday or Friday and take a photo to let you see how they've done. Go worms go!!


  1. I have been intrigued by the idea of starting a worm box for a while now! However, I still have a slight aversion to them (not really sure why)... The ones in the garden are fine, but I am not sure if I am ready for an entire box full of them.

    I love regular composting though!! :)

  2. What website did you use for more information? I'm intrigued!!

  3. I primarily used But I also just googled "vermicomposting" and was shocked at how many things come up. Info that was repeated over and over I assumed was pretty accurate.