Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sci Fi Flower

The amarylis seed bub is getting bigger and bigger. I'm somewhat convinced that a small dragon is going to emerge from it in the night and eat us. Either that or there's a fairy city in there. Because that's way too big to just be seeds. Right?

Does anyone watch those fantastically terrible movies on the SyFy channel. (And really what's with the "y"s?) I think they should do MegaSeed vs. DinoRoots or something similar. Anyone have other titles for a movie starring this beast?


  1. You have a great imagination or maybe you are watching too many of those syfy movies. I do not know anything about the channel. I do love good Science Fiction though. Your amaryllis seed is great. I have never let them grow . . . are you going to try to plant the seeds? I would love to know how this works out. The little bub does remind me of a Praying Mantis somehow but I cannot see the beast in it. ;>))

  2. I definitely plan on planting the seeds. Hopefully some will take. I guess it takes years for them to flower again.
    I hadn't thought of it, but it does rather look like a praying mantis!