Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Transplanting Peas

The peas were getting huge. I knew it was time to transplant them to a larger container. We apparently sowed them just a bit too early so they'll be living inside just a little longer. I'll still have to acclimate them to the outdoors eventually, but right now we still can't get our porch door open because of the GIANT snow bank in front of it, so that's not going to be happening soon.

We got the pot - one of the MANY five-gallon black plastic pots from Griffin - and filled it with our fluffed up soil (that we mixed with some of our fertilizer in a big trash can) and wet it down. Then we gently massaged the seedlings out of their tray. I was thrilled to see some extensive root structure, but was a little shocked at how dry the soil was, despite my regular watering.

We used the dowel rods to create a trellis to give the pea shoots some support. I think some plain dowels and a hair band make a pretty awesome trellis, no?
Since we had six plants and 3 dowels, it made sense to put two by each dowel to offer support. Planting, watering and we're all set!

Oh, and I put some of those fertilizer stakes we bought in. The package suggested putting in 6 around each plant. Gosh, can't imagine why they suggest that you use so many all at once. Couldn't be so you run out and need to go buy more of their product, right? Whatever. I put a few in around the dowels and called it a day.

Right now they'll be living in the front room by our big picture window to get the light and hopefully they can move outside in about 2 weeks. We'll see how they grow!


  1. Hahaha... dowel rods and a hair band make a perfect trellis! :) I can't wait to see how they do by the window!

  2. looks like a great set-up! can't wait to see them climb up those dowels. have you heard of using microbial soil inoculant for peas and beans? it's this granular stuff that adds beneficial rhyzobacteria that help legumes process nitrogen. i've never heard of using it in pots but i assume it works the same as in the ground. my peas and bush beans got a dose of that stuff for the first time last year and i feel like it dramatically increased their yields. might be too late for this, but if you're starting any more peas, have you thought of sowing them in guttering? it's a neat trick, i've never tried it myself though. google "gutter peas" for more info.

  3. Very awesome..the peas look fantastic, green and healthy. your trellis is eight feet high? )))) teasing. every time!

    As for the six fertilizer sticks for each plant...donno...seems a lot...and what's in them? You have any worm compost?

    So admire your enthusiasm and dedication to growing your own.